Walkies 22X28 $750
Walkies 22X28

Welcome to my website. The art of Gary Rubin.

I am an artist, oil painter primarily, living and working in the beautiful environment of Amelia Island, Florida. As you can see, my creations reflect experiences from all over the world. When I travel, I carry my camera along to record anything that interests me. Then, when I return to the studio, I use those images along with my recollections of the event to create my paintings.

Tortola Tranquility 16X20 $400
Tortola Tranquility 16X20

My work has been described as both realistic and impressionistic. I don’t really strive to achieve either description. My objective is to enchant the viewer with a story, a feeling, a memory that they want to return to again. I want my buyers to have something to contemplate rather than something that is merely decorative.

Although I had some basic art and design classes in college approximately half a century ago, and have participated in a number of workshops since, I consider myself to be primarily self-taught. The advantage that provides is less hampering by rules. I mix colors in ways that I have found to work for me and I use whatever tools I think might help to bring the images to life.. Please scroll to the bottom of each page to see all the images posted.


Amore 18X24 SOLD
Amore 18X24 SOLD
Butterfly in Paradise 24X36 $695
Butterfly in Paradise 24X36
Fernandina Fleet 20X24 $495
Fernandina Fleet 20X24

Original oil paintings